Cry baby resultsMay 13th                                      Matt Budrow Scholarship Tournament (1:00pm Shotgun start)

May 16th                                      MSGA Senior

May 20th                                      Member/Member Tournament

June 12th                                      Spectrum Generations Tournament

June 14th                                      Men’s One Day Member Guest (2:00pm Shotgun start)

June 18th                                      Member/Member Tournament (8:00am Shotgun start)

June 19th/20th                             Central Maine Seniors

June 26th                                       Hospice Tournament

June 28th                                       Thomas College Tournament (12:00pm Shotgun start)

June 29th                                       MSGA Mid Week

July 4th                                           Stars & Stripes Tournament

July 9th                                           Sadie Hawkins Tournament

July 10th                                         Friends of the Blaine House Tournament

July 12th                                         Men’s One Day Member Guest

July 15th                                         Member/Member Tournament

July 17th                                         K.V.C.C Tournament

July 18th                                         MSGA Juniors

July 20th                                         Women’s Member/Guest

July 23rd                                         Married Couples

July 29th/30th                                Senior Club Championship

August 2nd                                     Gilman Electric Tournament

August 5th/6th                               President’s Cup

August 12th/13th                           Men’s Member Guest

August 15th – 17th                         MSGA Match Play Championship

August 26/27th                               Men’s Medal Play Championship

August 29th                                     Waterville Police Department Tournament

September 5th/6th                         Eastern Maine Seniors Tournament

September 9th/10th                       Men’s Fall Classic (Fall Classic Entry Form Non-Member)

September 11th                               Maine PGA Pro-AM

September 13th                              UMF College Event (11:00am Tee Times)

September 16th/17th                     Ladies Fall Classic (Women’s Fall Classic Entry Form)

September 19th                               Women’s MSGA

September 24th                               Thomas College Event (11:00am Tee Times)

October 1st                                       Red, White & Blue Tournament

October 6th/7th                               MSGA

October 8th                                       Colby College Event (12:00pm Tee Times)

October 14th                                     Colby College Event (12:00pm Tee Times)

October 21st                                      Cry Baby Open